Our story

Room Envy was born from a passion for bold home décor designed with quality and artistry. It was also born from a Millennial fear of playing with colors, a fear exacerbated by the beige agenda dominating our insta and pinterest pages.

Room Envy celebrates individuality, authenticity, and the continuous exploration of personal style through the introduction of colors, shapes, and refinement into home spaces. Our aim is to make introducing vibrancy into your home a light and approachable exercise.

Our pieces are the perfect balance of functionality and sophistication. They are an expression of our love for design. We believe that good design has the power to transform places and bring joy and happiness to people’s lives. 

We want everyone to find something they love and create a space that reflects the vibrant corners of their personality. Thus, we strive to offer decor pieces at various price points to honor affordability and accessibility.

If you are looking to add a pop of color and personality to your home, join us on this exciting journey. Make your rooms the envy of all with Room Envy.